Facilitating prosperity in the South and South East Asian Markets

Who we are?
We deliver a range of information, analytical and practical support and advice tailored specifically to your professional objectives in the South and South East Asian markets. Our value proposition is in our capacity to transform your goals into solutions that optimize regulatory and legislative opportunities combined with the most up-to-date intellectual and technological innovations.

We facilitate the ambitions and requirements of public and private sector entrepreneurial organizations toward providing customized and essential knowledge, resources and expertise to ensure your objectives advance in the most effective and efficient way.

Hindex Science sets itself the ambitious task of developing the study of South Asian countries in Russia.
Our goals include,
  • establishing science as an additional collaborative opportunity between Russia and the South Asian region,
  • bringing together all expertise on South Asia, from the youngest to the most established of researchers, and from theorititians to businessmen to create a platform for discussing the most important issues and opportunities of the region,
  • conducting scientific events, and publishing theoretical and analytical papers and conference proceedings,
  • connecting educational and scientific institutions in Russia with ideal counterparts in South Asia.

What we do?
  • Political and Macroeconomic Risks Analysis
    • Military conflicts, terrorist activity, social instabilities
    • Nationalization of enterprises and assets
    • Default, sanctions, economic blockade
    • Payment features
  • Competitive Intelligence
    • Search for potential partners and suppliers
    • Analysis of the competitive environment
    • Due diligence of potential partners and contractors
    • Information and analytical reports on the selected industry
    • Identification and prevention of possible threats
  • Market Analysis

    • export barriers

    • government restrictions

    • tax conditions

    • market features

  • Science and Media
    • expert comments
    • search for potential scientific and informational partners
    • joint research and expertise
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